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The Temptation To Tango

The Temptation to Tango is an invitation to an intimate moment. Our journey will take you into the world of Argentine tango, but the people you will encounter and the feelings aroused are universal: the desire to be needed, the need to be desired, the hunger to be compelled by something both beautiful and challenging -- a fulfillment greater than pleasure, a connection deeper than the physical. Our plan is to take you, our readers, through a vicarious tango embrace and show you the floor, the emotional banquet, the sensual feast.

Irene Thomas and Larry Sawyer authored The Temptation to Tango in the same way people tell others about their favorite places. Tango is just too be good to be kept a secret. It isn't a gold mine of finite riches which must be guarded, but an eternal spring that never runs dry, although the trail to it requires a good deal of maintenance. Through memoir, fiction, and essay the authors reach for both the novice and the experienced dancer; for the novice an introduction to tango's rare beauty, for the experienced a confirmation of tango's trials and rewards.